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Welcome to the official website for Body of Christ Gaming =BoC=. We are an Online Christian PC Gaming Community founded in December 2007. Our mission is to provide a place to fellowship and provide a clean, safe environment for people of all ages and backgrounds. We strive to keep our servers and forums "family friendly" and provide a place for gamers to feel welcome and make life long friends.

We encourage you to feel free to join our Ventrilo server, to register for our forums and get involved in the discussions there, and join us as we game or just hang out.

Thank you for stopping by!
The members of =BoC= Gaming

Our Ventrilo server is open to guests! The IP is port 3784. Until further notice, account applications are no longer required for access.

If you would like to become a member of our clan, please click on the link below and fill out the membership application.  Please note that you must be a registered user of our forums to submit this application.

January 08, 2013, 03:51:09 AM by =BoC=VMP | Views: 1225 | Comments: 16

So the site has been updated, new look and layout. Site is running smoother with less hits from bots. So what does everyone think?!?! Also open for any suggests for things you would like to see on the site

SMF updated
New security software
Two new themes
Links updated
Team Page
Taptalk (FIXED)
Forums cleaned up

Room to grow and build I see great things for this community for 2013!!

Website Admin
December 10, 2012, 04:57:39 PM by =BoC=VMP | Views: 670 | Comments: 5

I was thinking something we have been missing over the last few years and that is goals for the next year.

I believe that we all make goals at the end of the year, that you hope to reach next year. So why not make some as a group to meet for next year.

I thought of a few that we should really try to hit.

1. Recruit at least 10 people for 2013
2. Reach out into a new game for 2013
3. Share the message of God to at least 5 people for 2013
4. Increase activity in the forums and in game for 2013

I really believe that is reachable goals for this next year. I want to see us having a lot more fun as community and us being busy trying to reach those goals.

I want to thank all of you for the last 5 year. Lets go strong into 2013 and let show the world =BoC= is still here and we are going to be a strong presence in the gaming world once again!!

God Bless

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